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جنید احمد

Humans are more self-sympathizer & less self-accountable۔

Self-sympathy is an exaggeratedly negative thought, which overshadows our self-accountability… Self-sympathy spouts feelings being victimized as if an unfair circumstance disrupted our lives away, and expecting condolences of others….With self-sympathy we feel that our situation is worsen than other people and we always blame our circumstances… In short, self-sympathy creates an amalgamation of eclipsed self-accountability, gravity of an unfair loss & perpetual sadness…

Remedies of Self-sympathy
━ Practice Self-Accountability

━ Refuse complain and accept the situations

━ Look downward, not upward

━ Practice Gratitude (to be grateful what you’ve, or have not)

━ Always have a cross-questioning from your own self and overwrites your self-sympathized perceptions & thoughts & prove them wrong.

━ Stop to be a drama queen; miserable attitude of deserving the best

━ But hope for the best, prepare for the worst

━ Remember that hoping and deserving are two different attitudes, hoping means to optimize your thinking as boundless while deserving means to restrict or bound your thinking in a locale e.g. “A frog in the well”… in short, hope is an advancement in thought while deserving is a localized thought.

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